Listening Habits 2012 Q1

This quarter my listens were a bit lower than they would otherwise have been because a lot of time I would have spent in front of the computer was spent with my new daughter. But, as she grew and now spends time in her “baby gym”, I sometimes put on music for her both so that she can hear complex music and for my sanity. There are only so many times I can listen to “itsy bitsy spider”.

1. Relient K (86 listens) – Since I am still listening to my music at random with conditions (music that’s rated highly either from Amarok’s auto-scoring or my assignment of stars), bands like Relient K are going to come up a lot because they have somewhere around 100 tracks on my computer.

2. The Beatles (75) – As above, the Fab Four will appear a lot because of their volume of music

3. Darren Korb (74) – Wow, just barely missed beating out The Beatles! Darren Korb is the artist listed for the Bastion Soundtrack. That is an awesome, awesome soundtrack. The vocal tracks can be enjoyed on their own outside the game’s context. And some of the level tracks don’t sound too much like video game music, making it OK to listen to around non-gamers.

4. Five Iron Frenzy (59) – As Dan and I have discussed in private and (I think) we’ve discussed in the comments on this blog – as we’ve grown older and matured emotionally, mentally, and musically – the FIF songs we enjoy have changed. Part of that is also the fact that we’ve played out some of the songs, but the Pants Rock Opera doesn’t really call to me as it once did.

5. Switchfoot (28) – I don’t think I’d buy another of their albums, but I do like about half of their tracks on the four or so albums I have.

6. Yasunori Mitsuda (26) – The always-great Chrono Trigger soundtrack is what led to all these listens.

7. Tom Lehrer (24) – I’ve written about him a lot. His music makes me think of Monty Python and other types of irreverent humor.

8. Thousand Foot Krutch (22) – good rock group that Andrew Laine introduced me to. Not much more to say that I haven’t said a few times before.

8. Optimus Rhyme (22) – tied for 8th place, Optimus Rhyme is one of about three nerdcore groups I know about that actually have skills at that mic and have lyrics that aren’t too annoying to listen to. I don’t like ALL their tracks, but I do like that they take place in a world where transformers-type robots exist

10. Danny Elfman (19) – awesome soundtrack work

11. MxPx (17) – I think I said this last time MxPx was on the list, but I don’t remember listening to 17 MxPx songs….conspiracy?

12. Sambomaster (15) – of all the music Dan’s introduced me to in the past few years, this group is one of my fave. For more info, take a look at the last few times they’ve appeared on the list.

12. Anamanaguchi (15) – they’ve been on here so much. I’ve run out of things to say.

14. Lostprophets (14) – Another great group Dan inadvertently introduced me to while I was in college by having some mp3s on the home computer.

15. Anberlin (13) – yet another group which I do like, but which is also on here because of the sheer number of tracks they have on my computer.