Listening Habits 2011 Q4

For the last fourth of the year I continued to listen to my music on random via Amarok’s dynamic playlist.  I set it to only play songs that I liked, but other than that left it up to chance.  For the most part, the only exceptions were when I had exams to take and wanted some non-vocal music or to listen to new songs I’d downloaded from Rolling Stone’s website.  Here’s how the artists fared.

1. The Beatles (75) – they continue to be at the top of my list for 2011 because of their ridiculous amount of albums

2. Anamanaguchi (49)- once again the instrumental band Dan introduced me to makes it high on the list thanks to listening during exams.  Considering I only have like 12 songs from them, it’s a respectable showing

3. Aperture Science Psychoacustics Laboratory (45) – The Portal 2 Soundtrack disc 3 was released in this quarter and it has a lot of tracks so it nabbed the number three spot.  Overall, the ambient music is a bit too creepy to listen to all the time, but I do like the ending song.

4. Relient K (42) – I enjoy almost all the Relient K songs I have (except for the first and last albums) so they made a pretty good showing on my list of highly rated songs.

5. MxPx (32) – It’s funny, for a lot of these songs I feel weird listening to them as an adult.  I think punk is a very teen/early adult music genre.  But they do have some great songs that I still enjoy, especially on their later albums.

6. “Weird Al” Yankovic (27) – I don’t remember listening to that much “Weird Al”, but most of his music is great and I’ve only tired of a few of the tracks.

6. Yasunori Mitsuda (27) – I love his work on Chrono Trigger.  I’d love for him to do an orchestrated version although the fan-made orchestrated one I have is pretty darned awesone!

6. Tsutchie (27) – This year I started watching Samurai Champloo and I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoyed Cowboy Bebop.  Tsutchie did a lot of the music on the show and it’s a great mix of Western and Eastern rap.

9. Force of Nature (23) – They also worked on the Samurai Champloo soundtrack which is why they’re here.

10. Five Iron Frenzy (21) – I’ve spoken about FIF so many times.  I still love most of the tracks although I’ve tired of some of them.

10. Thousand Foot Krutch (21) – Great rock songs.  Their earlier albums are not as good as their later ones.

12. Anberlin (20) – Again, I love this band.  Unlike some of the other bands on here, I like the earlier stuff better.

13. Sambo Master (19) – Great Japanese rock band

13. Original Cast of RENT (19) – Still one of my favorite Broadway shows.  Love the soundtrack!

15. Lostprophets (17) – I should purposely listen to these guys a bit more.  I really like most of their songs, especially their last two albums.