Listening Habits 2012 Q2

I started off this quarter using a smart playlist that only played songs I hadn’t heard in the last quarter in an attempt to listen to even more great music, but Amarok lost my library which clears out the last played field and so I ended up with lots of repeats again.  Oh well!  It’s all great music!


1. Five Iron Frenzy (65 plays) – I continued to listen to some great music from my high school years

2. Relient K (59 plays) – nothing to say that hasn’t already been said

3. The Beatles (40 plays) – I continue to be surprised by just how great a music group they were

4. Anberlin (34 plays) – I go hot and cold on this group since I listened to them so much in college.  But they do have some great poetry to their lyrics

5. I Fight Dragons (23 plays) – a great band – check them out and don’t be put off by the fact that they use Nintendos to make some of the sounds in their songs

6. Fallout Boy (22 plays) – man, talk about poetry in lyrics.  I don’t know why I allowed myself to ignore them for so long.  But I’m glad I started listening to them about four or five years ago.

7. Danny Elfman (20 plays) – the best at soundtracks

7. Jars of Clay (20 plays) – I discovered that I had forgotten to rip one of the CDs I own so I listened to the whole thing and gained appreciation for some songs I didn’t like in High School

9. Switchfoot (19 plays) – not much to say that I haven’t already said

9. Allie Moss (19 Plays) – discovered her via Noise Trade and I really, really like her songs.

11. Optimus Rhyme (18 plays) – yay for Nerdcore that sounds good!

12. Childish Gambino (17 plays) – not much more to say here

12. Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer (17 plays) – rap as if it were written in the victorian era – even better than it sounds!

14. Lostprophets (16 plays) – great songs!

14. “Weird Al” Yankovic (16 plays) – did I really listen to 16 weird al songs in the past 3 months?

2 responses to “ Listening Habits 2012 Q2”

    • Yeah, they do tend to have certain musical themes they are always “exploring”. Then again, Elfman always does Buron movies. Makes sense the music would go along with the visuals, whihch are always the same.