My Top Artists for 2011

So here’s my top listened artists for 2011.  Some of these entries are a surprise and others are expected.  I can’t wait to see how many of these artists are on this list next year.  Well, let’s take a look.

1. The Beatles (492) – No surprises here; the ancestors of nearly all pop and rock in America has been on top every quarter.  So of course they’d top this list.

2. Girl Talk (363) – A pretty impressive showing for Girl Talk.  If my CD player listens were counted, he’d be at the top of the list.  I’ve listened to it a lot at work and in the car.

3. Doctor Octoroc (281) – For how quickly I tired of this music, I can’t believe how highly it scored for this year!

4. Relient K (210) – Another no-brainer.  I have all their albums and they have a lot of tracks out there to show up over and over.

5. Anberlin (180) – Pretty much the same as above

6. I Fight Dragons (178) – I discovered I Fight Dragons within the last year to year and a half and I really love the sound they’ve got.  A regular rock band with backup instruments from 8-bit Nintendo systems.  They definitely deserve a place on here and would have been higher if I’d gotten around to buying their first full length album.

7. Sambo Master (145) – Great Japanese rock.  So great I don’t care that I can’t understand them.

8. Anamanaguchi (142) – I’ve spoken a lot about them in the past few entries. They’re like the inverse of I Fight Dragons, but I still love the music.

9. “Weird Al” Yankovic (138) – The master of Parody

10. Fire Iron Frenzy (122) – Love them, as I’ve said before

11. Yasunori Mitsuda (107) – I didn’t realize how much I’d listened to the Chrono Trigger Soundtrack!

12. Thousand Foot Krutch (89) – Again, a great rock group

13. Fantastic Plastic Machine (88) – FPM is great mood music.  I enjoy it best when I listen to it sparingly

13. Childish Gambino (88) – Discovered Donald Glover’s alter-ego this year and I like most of the songs for their great puns.

15. Lostprophets (87) – Again, a great group that I’m glad made it to this list.