February Video Games Report

Mass Effect 2 Space Graves
Mass Effect 2 Space Graves

Mass Effect 2 (19 hrs) – I knew my wife was getting close to delivering our first child, so I was rushing as quickly as I could to save the galaxy.  I got to it with one week to spare.  Phew!  I didn’t enjoy the story as much as Mass Effect 1, but the gameplay was orders of magnitude better.  For one thing I didn’t have to worry about having too many guns.  (A frequent problem in the first entry)  I also enjoyed the characters a little more (some of them, anyway).  I ended up doing a lot more side missions and I felt they were well designed.  If too much time doesn’t pass between when I finished the game and when I get free time to blog, I’ll do a writeup on Mass Effect 2 and how I liked it vs the first one.  However, it would mostly be a long-winded version of what I said above and with the baby…. well, don’t hold your breath.

Team Fortress 2 (5 hrs) – This game is always a fun diversion.  I played some events in a group I was invited to that mostly contained vets and I played some pick-up games.  Quite a difference in the gameplay styles.  My biggest pet peeve involves ending up on a server that doesn’t rotate game types.  I can see the benefit of having servers with just one type of game because some people might just do the intelligence game all night long.  I just get bored. I prefer rotating servers because then you can play with the same bunch of guys/gals and form some good teamwork instead of having to leave them when you get bored of the game type.

Oh, I also got a little obsessed with making TF2 videos for a day.  Here and here, for example.

Civ 5 (2 hrs) – a long time ago I bought a couple scenario packs.  So I played two games from the polynesian scenario to see what it was like and to get some achievements.

Trine 2 Demo (2 hrs) – this game is a lot of fun, but it looked like it’d be more fun with others.  I don’t have that kind of time right now.

Bastion (<1 hr) – I started a new game +.  Now I doubt that’ll ever be finished.  Oh well.

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  1. If you ever get around to ME3 it’ll be interesting since so many of your crew died. Hope you get to play it in 2012.