Jan 2012 Video Games

There aren’t any new games on here, so I’m only going to mention some quick comments on each.

Plants vs Zombies (29  hrs) – threw a bunch of hours into this game because I just had a handful of achievements left and for some reason I wanted to finish it off.  2 or 3 to go

Civilization V (9 hrs) – still love this game.  I wish I had more time for it

Batman: Arkham City (7 hrs) – Not quite as fun as I wish it were, I wish I had a few more hours so I could finish up the story.  My younger brother says I’m almost there.

Team Fortress 2 (3 hrs) – always fun to jump into.  This month I played some team events that were a blast

Mass Effect 2 (1 hr) – another game I wish I had more time to devote to.  I really started getting back into it in December.  This month I’ve just been busy with programming and achievement hunting in PvZ

Tetris HD (1 hr) – Tetris!

Bastion (1 hr) – fully intended to do the new game + and then life got in the way – as well as a bunch of other games I’m trying to finish as quickly as possible

2 responses to “Jan 2012 Video Games”

  1. I always start these games with ambitious new game + or achievement goals and then I just move on to the next new thing. Oh well.