Dec 2011 Video Games

Team Fortress 2
Team Fortress 2

With school over I had plenty of time to get back into video games last month.  I had a blast!

Team Fortress 2 (6 hrs) – Got back into this game because my brother-in-law wanted to play it.  I’d forgotten how awesomely fun it is to play this game!

Plants vs Zombies (5 hrs) – I wanted a quick game of fun so I went after some achievements in PvZ.  I also found this game to be a blast.

Bastion (4 hrs) – There’s a reason why this game is on everyone’s top games of 2011.  This game is amazing.  The action is fun, the narration is mind-blowing, and the soundtrack is so great I’m kicking myself for not buying it together with the game.  Play this game!


Batman: Arkham City (3 hrs) – My brother got me this game for Christmas.  As of right now I’m not enjoying it as much as the first game, but I think it’s just like The Matrix – the first one was so mind-blowing that the sequel can’t match it.

Mass Effect 2 (3 hrs) – Got back into this game.  The story is finally picking up and I’ll probably finish this up as soon as I finish with Bastion since Bastion is a shorter game.

Mario Party 8 (2 hrs) – Dina came over to visit and wanted to play Mario party.  It’s the perfect party game because it’s so easy to come from behind and kick everyone’s butt and it’s so awesome yelling at each other.

Mario Kart Wii (1 hr) – Another awesome party game.  It’s just not the same playing this online.  (Also, the Europeans online are INSANE at this game!)

Dungeon Defenders Demo (30 min) – I gave this game a shot because I like Plants vs Zombies and this is also a tower defense game.  But I didn’t enjoy it.  I think it was too hectic for me to do a tower defense game that doesn’t have lanes.

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  1. Pssst…Dungeon Defenders has lanes. The monsters all move along predetermined paths, but the towers can move them around.