April Video Games

Final Fantasy X (36 hrs) – I started playing this game again to get away from computer games.  It was hurting my back to sit at the computer.  I could just stand in the guest room, where the PS2 is. I hadn’t played for months or maybe even a year, but I hadn’t gone that far in the game, so I wasn’t too lost.  (Unlike when I finished FF7 and didn’t even remember what the point was) I’m still not done, but it’s already knocked Assassin’s Creed II from long-time position as my most played game raptr.  It’s already taken me longer than Final Fantasy IX.  There’ll be a review once I finish.  I’m so close, but the final boss keeps kicking my butt.  I may need to do some more grinding.

Civ V (5hrs) – nothing more to say here

Portal (99 min) – Turned it on for a little bit just to get the Terminal Velocity achievement.

Portal 2 (11 hrs) – THIS.GAME.IS.AMAZING.  Review here.