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  • Spending Time as a Female in a Physics Puzzle Game

    Gender is a pretty interesting concept when it comes to video games. Putting aside “Choose Your Own Adventure” books, video games are unique in that the players are active in constructing the narrative. Some games, like puzzle games don’t REALLY have a narrative (but that doesn’t mean my brothers and I didn’t come up with […]

  • May Video Games

    Just one game while waiting to feed my daughter Portal 2  (1 hour) – Just played some commentary levels.  It was fun, but the inability to save in that mode kept me from doing it more

  • 2011 in Video Games (and my 2011 Game of the Year)

    Civilization V (75 hrs) – What can I say about this game that I haven’t said already?  This is the series that made “One More More Turn…” famous and it still works today.  If I were to start a game tonight, I would not go to bed at a reasonable time. Team Fortress 2 (70 […]

  • May Video Games

    I forgot to check for the May video game play times before it was too deep into June, so I lost my FFX playtime.  The others are pretty accurate. Final Fantasy X – finished the game.  Review here. Portal 2 (3 hrs) – finished multi-player game with Dan.  That game is AWESOME.  I was only […]

  • April Video Games

    Final Fantasy X (36 hrs) – I started playing this game again to get away from computer games.  It was hurting my back to sit at the computer.  I could just stand in the guest room, where the PS2 is. I hadn’t played for months or maybe even a year, but I hadn’t gone that […]

  • Portal 2 Review and Analysis

    If I have to sum up Portal 2 in one word: brilliant!  I really enjoyed the first Portal a lot.  The sense of not knowing what’s going on and GLaDOS’ obvious demented nature made for a dark video game the likes of which I’d never experienced.  It was an artform as much as any other […]