A Word About Our Sponsors

Unlike some other web admins, I respect your ability to choose to have ads blocked.  The ad providers brought them upon themselves by making ads really freakin’ annoying into the mid-2000s.  I just want to say that I don’t run any of those kinds of ads on this site.  I have an ad for Servint, the company where I have my site hosted.  By clicking on that ad or the link for Servint in this post, you can help me recoup some hosting costs.  If you sign up via that link, I will receive some amount of time (depending on the package you choose for hosting) of free hosting.  I also have an affiliate program with B&H Photo and Video.  I chose to have an affiliate program with them because I buy all of my camera equipment from B&H.  Ever since I went to their store in NYC, I was very impressed with their customer service.  Anything you buy from B&H from that link in this post or the ad on this page will net me some percentage of the cost which I will use to offset hosting this site.  I also have some Google ads, but it’s against the terms of service to tell you to click on them.  Instead I’ll tell you that you probably shouldn’t block Google ads in your adblock program because they are very unobtrusive and usually are only text so they won’t sap your bandwidth.  Also, they are usually very relevant to the post or my site in general.


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