Most Interesting Photos (according to flickr)

Things have changed a bit since last time, so I decided to once again cover what flickr thinks my 20 most interesting photos are.

Rugged Manliness

Deciding Whether to Jump In

What's This?  My birthday cake?

Maxwell's Equations

Kickin' Back, Enjoying some Bamboo

Will This Support My Weight?

Follow These Steps for a Successful Flying Kick

Decision:  Jump In!

Fellow Flickerites

Man, I didn't know the NYPD Needed Money This bad!

Day Fourteen: "You Told Me You Were Clean"

"It's hard to get up...."

The Impression Left On Me by the Offspring of Euler

I think I've Been Spotted

Quite an Elaborate Costume on the Left



How the Ad Industry Sees Us

Inuyasha Cosplay

I love the Moogle!

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