Recent Search Terms

Looking over my search statistics I saw the searches that had recently led to my blog.  Here are the most recent ones with comments on the strange ones:

mythtv totem
makehuman review
mario 64 3D model – I don’t think I’ve even mentioned this before.  I’ve written about Mario and 3D models, but not 3D models of Mario
“Rudy Winston” +Canon – I spoke about Rudy Winston’s talk at B&H.  I wonder who’s searching for him and connecting him with Canon.
rockbox anime themes – I haven’t really spoken about this
hitchhikers guide to the galaxy binary – What would that binary be of?
alvarez guedes diary joke
gentoo vs opensuse 11.1 – Check out my Gentoo Posts and Opensuse 11.1 posts and compare.
Garmin eTrex HCx tutorial
bunny binary – binary bunnies?  Hmm….
crunchbang rocks – It certainly does!
ati fglrx sabayon 4.2
ta spring gentoo binary – Not sure what this means
credit crunch bunny animation – what does the credit crunch have to do with a rabbit animation?
top ten web of world pictures
digital world human world interface
opensuse 11.1 review