Are We Still at War?

I’ve had this rhetorical question in my mind for quite some time now.  There was a time, not too long ago, when the Iraq War dominated the news.  Not only that, but people were protesting.  Remember Cindy Sheehan who was camped outside Bush’s house in Texas and leading all these anti-war rallies.  About four months ago, it all disappeared.  Coincidentally, this is more or less the same time when Britney Spears had her breakdown and the Presidential Primaries started getting interesting. 

Of course, I’m not the only one who’s asking this question – on 14 February’s The Daily Show, Stewart had a segment called “Iraq?” where he asked, “Is this still going on?”  He went on to mention that Iraq is still f-ing around in Iraq and that the Parliament had approved a new flag.

So what has caused everyone to suddenly stop talking about the war and what has caused the protesters to stop protesting?  It would have been Richard Nixon’s dream come true with the Vietnam War.  I wonder if it’s because things are finally doing well enough that people think it’s going to come to an end anyway, so there’s point in protesting.  Or is it because, with a presidential race, perhaps the right president will win and get us out of there? 

The information about the war and the protests against it ended so suddenly, I just wonder what happened.  And I always find myself wondering….did the war end?

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One response to “Are We Still at War?”

  1. It’s because Michael Moore decided to start focusing on the health care crisis, then suddenly no one cared anymore. That’s my theory, anyway.