HEY RIAA, all you needed to do was offer DRM-free music!

I’ve already spent around $11 on Amazon.com’s MP3 download store. Why? Because they are selling MP3s of my favorite artists without any digital restrictions management (DRM). This is what has been keeping both my wife and I away from iTunes. Oh yeah, and the songs are cheaper than iTunes! It appears that all of the day’s Top downloads are $0.89 and the rest are $0.99. On iTunes the DRM-free songs are $1.89 or something like that. Looks like Apple’s going to need to do a price drop or there’s going the be a mass exodus to Amazon.com.

Also, they are MP3s, not AACs, so I can use the music on any computer or portable device and not just the iPod!

Here’s the music freedom and the hope that the rest of the music companies will join in!

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