Fedora 7 GUI up, but not nVidia….yet (and other first impressions)

Updating via Livna nVidia did not completely fix the problem. As in the last time I upgrade I am now down to one monitor and I hate it! I feel so cramped! I’m still updating some stuff so hopefully this’ll be fixed soon.

While I’m at it….I don’t like the default Gnome icons for Fedora 7. I find them very ugly. Also the font used is very hurtful on my eyes. I wonder if that has to do with font patent/copyright issues.

I also noticed that, perhaps in preparation for the new Gnome control panel (which is not here by default), System is now divided into a bunch of groups. So System -> preferences has Personal, Look and Feel, Internet and Network, Hardware, and System. I REALLY like that instead of a long list of programs. I don’t have to hunt up and down to figure out what affects look and feel, for example. Great job there team!

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