Be Careful with Super Gamer 2 livecd

I booted into this disc to see what games it had. It is a decent disc and I discovered that there’s a Penguin-based Mario Kart Clone. It mostly has FPS shooters.

Anyway, when I booted back into Windows my network card was no longer working. After fretting for about an hour and rebooting and shutting down, I went on IRC and found the answer. Sometimes (although it’s never happened to me before with a livecd) the drivers get into a weird state. To fix it, just completely cut the power. That means shut down your computer and then pull the power cord and wait for about 1 minute. After that it will work again.

I remember hearing something about Knoppix and Dells a couple of years ago – it must be related to this. However, I must reiterate that in the past 2 years where I have used livecds over and over (mostly DSL), nothing has ever happened. It may be a PCLinuxOS problem because that’s what Super Gamer 2 is based on.