Fight the Machine!

The reports a boy who is counter-suing the RIAA! Why?

for defamation, violating anti-trust laws, conspiring to defraud the courts and making extortionate threats.

Awesome! It’s about time someone fought back!

They have demanded a jury trial and filing a counterclaim against the companies for allegedly damaging the boy’s reputation, distracting him from school and costing him legal fees. The record companies have engaged in a wide-ranging conspiracy to defraud the courts of the United States, the court documents say. Competitors in the recording industry are a cartel acting together in violation of the antitrust laws by bringing the piracy cases jointly and using the same agency “to make extortionate threats … to force defendants to pay”, our precocious teen wrote.

That’s right! Ostensibly, cartels are illegal in the US. So let’s move against them as if they didn’t have enough money to buy all of Congress and the Supreme Court! I hope he wins!

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