Windows Tax – you don’t need to pay it anymore!

Dell has introduced (or, if it’s been around for a while, it was just recently brought to public attention) the nSeries Desktops. These are computers that have no installed operating system – so you don’t have to pay for windows. It comes with a Freedos disk. So you can install Linux, *BSD, or whatever you want onto that clean machine – without having to first get rid of windows!

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4 responses to “Windows Tax – you don’t need to pay it anymore!”

  1. I think Microsoft probably has something to do with that… “We’ll subsidize the price of Vista if you make sure the machines without our software cost more…”

  2. Yeah, a memo recently leaked from MS in one of their court preceedings. It said something like, “we need to punish Dell for working with other OSes.” And I know Mr Dell is itchin’ to get OS X to work on Dells.