Cycles, Vimeo hits, and Vimeo Limits

I’ve written before about how my interests tend to go in cycles. I haven’t played Sims 2 or Civ 4 in ages. In fact, since getting to work after Christmas Break I haven’t really taken many photos either. I became consumed with Blender and getting my animations done. Then Vimeo raised the upload limit from 30 mb to 250 mb and I suddenly had to digitize all those video clips I”d been waiting forever to digitize. Here’s a video Vimeo asked us to make – they said to make a video celebrating the increase.

250: Vimeo News! on Vimeo

And so I have spent the past week or so working on digitizing, editing, and uploading videos. My animation and photography went on hold. And I used to be really into video in high school and the beginning of Cornell. However, I stopped for two reasons – 1) video is more time-consuming than photography and 2) there was no “flickr” for video.

And now I have a new record for Vimeo views – 324 last wednesday. So I’m quite happy with my latest obsession. When it comes down to it – if I’m going to spend my limited time doing something – it may was well be what I’ve always loved: photography and video editing. The video games can sit there collecting dust and, if I can muster the will power, I doubt I’ll be buying another one. (Except multiplayer games like Wii sports that I can play with my wife, brothers, and in-laws)