While I was at my parents’ house, I wanted to show David, my youngest brother, how quickly I could generate I could a humanoid while also practicing the principles I learned with Raul Domingo. (Thus Danny’s extremely blocky midsection) Then I moved on to some more advanced topics, such as light. I had always been a little bit dissapointed in the light in my renders, but I never knew what was wrong. After going through the lighting tutorial from the Blender Summer of Documentation, I realized what the problem was. A twofold problem, it was a matter of power. You see, first of all, I needed to have a sum total light intensity of 2, not one. Second, the designers of Blender envisioned most scenes to have, at least, two lights. Below are some renders of my experimentation with flashlight light and sunny light. Click on them if you want/want to see the full res version.

dannyflashlight2-4largefordave dannyflashlight2-5largefordave dannyonmarble