Everything Block

I’m feeling really frustrated right now because, for the last week, I have felt that I had a picture idea or blog idea, but when I sit down to write or get my camera in hand, suddenly I can’t think of it. It’s right at the edge of my brain and I wish I could figure out what’s blocking the way or why I can’t just let it flow like usual. It’s especially unnerving when I read other blogs and see their thoughts flowing freely – easily translated from the firing of synapses to bits on a server somewhere.

Could it be my recent induction into adulthood? Suddenly I can’t be as “carefree” as I was at Cornell. Sure, I had exams and stuff to worry about, but I didn’t have to try and figure out if it was cheaper to get a Dental Plan or pay out of pocket. I also was able to spend all my cash on whatever I wanted and my parents ensured that I didn’t go hungry. Now things have gotten really tight, which is weird because my wife and I both work and we don’t have any kids. While we aren’t rich, we’re certainly making a good amount of money. “Well,” I tell myself sometimes, “at least you spent you money while you could – now you don’t really NEED to spend your money on anything but the consumables in life.” And that’s definitely true. The two big things I’d love to buy are definitely NOT necessities. I don’t need another computer – at least my Dell hasn’t finished dying yet. I don’t need the dSLR I want either.

Or maybe I just haven’t let my mind be creative – just sit there and write as I think – like I’m doing now. Recently I’ve been playing way too much civ4 – frankly, it’s fun, but I’m starting to want to work on my other hobbies instead of playing emperor.

Whatever it is, I hope I get myself out of this slump.

On a positive note, I’ve now been blogging for two years. The anniversary was actually on 2 Nov. That’s nearly an eternity on the web – here’s to the third year!