More Sony Copyright News

Although Sony still claims the right to use copy protections in their CDs, this BBC News story reported that they have abandoned the software I’ve been blogging about due to the fact that virus writers have written exploits for the software. And, in a one-two punch, Microsoft announced in THIS BBC News story that they have told their spyware program to treat Sony’s software as spyware! They will be removing it from their users’ computers. Again, this could all have been avoided if Sony had just let people copy their CDs to their computers. They bought it LEGALLY dagnabbit and if they want to put it on their computer or combine it with music from others CDs and create a custom mix CD then they should be able to do that.

Look, Sony, your record sales aren’t down because of pirating. They are down because there’s barely any good music out there. I just bought the latest Relient K EP this weekend and I continue to buy music from artists that are worth my hard earned money. Put out good music and people will buy it. Charge people crazy amoutns of $ for mediocre songs and this is what will occur. I’m glad there was enough pressure to force you to remove this. Now, learn your lesson!

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