The new theme!

I have chosen the ramart theme, developed by the owner of a blog about Weird Al Yankovic. After going over all of the available themes, I chose this one because it best reflects what my blog has evolved into. As a blog mostly about technology news and the GNU/Linux operating system, I feel this theme best conveys my content. However, don’t worry that I won’t be talking about personal things, politics, or religion – it’s just a realization of the main topics of this blog as well as the fact that I ‘m a VERY technological person. I mean, how many other people have three computers they use on an everyday basis, including a server. Finally, with the theme I was previously using I didn’t like the font as much – some of the letters ran together such as a c and an l – looking like a d.

I have adapted his theme to suit my preferences, such as having a calendar on the sidebar, which was not exactly a trivial task. I will be making a few more changes in the coming days. For example, I have decided to license all of my posts under the Creative Commons. They will still be copyrighted to me, but I think I will choose a license similar to the one I use for my pictures – attrib-deriv-no-commercial. I’ll add a link/icon to the site describing my license as soon as I get some time.

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