a short one today

I’m really busy trying to wrap up classes so that I can enjoy the last few weeks before graduating and being thrust into the “real world” so today’s post is just a minor observation. Of course, any of my long-time readers will know that as soon as I say that I’m too busy to post, I explode with a bunch of posts. Well, not for now, but who knows what tomorrow holds.

There is a tradeoff involved in using different systems and computer programs is in how ingrained certain tasks become. For example, it should be second nature for most of you to hit control-S to save a document. You don’t even think about it. When you want to save you just hit those keys almost before your conscious has a minute to see what you’re doing. I’ve recently been doing some work on Emacs, a Linux text program. To save on there the command is control-x control-s, control-s by itself is search. Now I went back to my Windows machine as it’s in a more comfortable location for me to type up a report. I almost hit control-x control-s in Word. Yeah….

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