I have reached a few server milestones this month. My previous post on this blog was my fiftieth post. Not bad for only two month’s worth of posting. Also, not only did I break 1 thousand visits, I surpassed it, and the month isn’t even over yet. I have come very close in the past few months, but I couldn’t get past the thousand mark.

A couple of things have helped to boost my visits. First of all, this blog is the most accessed page on my server. Out of the visitors to my server 1400 of the pages they visited were this blog! A lot of people have come over from the posts I made to the WordPress website. Many, Many others have come from search engines looking for Numa Numa information. I guess it pays to be talking about popular current events. In fact, about 70% of the visiors who came to my site from a search engine were searching for that phenomenon.


One response to “Milestones”

  1. Just came over from your comment at – thanks. Yeah, it’s funny the kind of crazy traffic a simple old post like that Olsen Twins one has been generating. Trackbacks are on over at my site, and I managed to trackback-flood myself when I posted that linked list of stats from… I know that one of my biggest draws is that Olsen thing… it’s kind of sad, really.

    Just wait until you get past the 1000 POSTS milestone, let alone 1000 VISITORS. 🙂