A few updates and notes

If you go to my main page, you can see where I have added a new section, C code from a class I’m taking this semester. We’re making a lot of really cool designs based upon the Atmel CPU, which is readily available for those who like to tinker. I’ve put up my first project, a reaction time tester. It has the user push a button, waits approximately two seconds plus a random amount to keep the user from guessing, and then displays the user’s reaction time. It also keeps the user from cheating by detecting if they are holding the button down.

I also noticed something today accidentally. In another really awesome aspect of this blogging software, if you leave your mouse hovering over a date in the calendar, it lists the posts made that day. That is really convinient, given a month-long look, for finding a post. Go ahead and try it yourself! I know it works in IE because I tried it in a computer lab and I think it works with Firefox.

Finally, I love comments so don’t be shy. If you have a comment to make, make it.

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