reorganizing and Mo Rocca info

I’m not sure how many people have visited this blog site yet or how many are coming here independently through other sites. I know of one person who has confirming coming here and subscriping to the RSS feed. Anyway, you may have noticed I made some cosmetic changes to the site. I’m not 100% sure if it’s going to stay this way. I generally like to leave things the way they are. Since, however, I don’t know how many people are coming here right now and I intend to relaunch the site in a few months anyway, I figure it’s still ok. I put the calender above the links because as the links list grew it would have pushed the calendar way too far down the page. I also moved the categories above the links. I’m not sure if I will emulate the original It’s A Binary World on my tripod page and put the links over on the left side or if I will keep it all as one column here. The center may end up a bit too squished if I go for that, but stay tuned.

Over on my tripod blog, I posted pictures from Mo Rocca’s event this night at Cornell. You should go check those out. I mentioned on that site that I would probably be putting up some video from that night here on this blog. If I do it today, it will end up being much later in the day since I need to get some sleep for class today. Also, I have to do some prep work on the videos to make shrink them down to a manageable size, so that will take some time too. Stay tuned, tonight’s real post to come soon.