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  • yum upgrade to Fedora 12 (and mini-review)

    So I was unable to preupgrade to Fedora 12, even after the latest update.  So I did a yum upgrade since I’ve known that to work in the past.  As always, I followed the instructions here.  It was very fast this time around compared to past upgrades.  It only took 2 hours 40 minutes.  I […]

  • Upgrading to Fedora 10

    Now that I have “I’m Not Mad” caught up for the next month, I thought it was an OK time to upgrade to Fedora 10.  Unlike with the Fedora 9 release, there haven’t been huge complaints of the upgrade causing the system to become unusable.  (Most, though not all, of that came from the version […]

  • Yum Upgrading to Fedora 9

    Ok, I noticed that most complaints on the Fedora mailing list seemed to have been solved and it has bene a few months since Fedora 9 came out. So I figure that it’s time to finally upgrade. Also, my biggest problems appear to have been resolved. Although X.org is still in beta, nvidia has released […]

  • Mario Yum Live Upgrade to Fedora 8 complete

    I had to uninstall a few more multimedia packages, but it eventually upgraded. After rebooting I arrived at GDM just fine – yay! I’m not sure if it’s just me, but the bootup time on Fedora 8 seems to a A LOT faster than it was in Fedora 7. I feel like I got to […]

  • Fedora 8 upgrade on Mario

    Mario is my main Linux box. I had to uninstall x264 this comes from the fact that I mixed livna and freshrpms. I never intended to do so, but I started with freshrpms back in the day, but nowadays I use livna for my graphics card. That plus freshrpms relative lack of updates compared to […]

  • Upgrading Fedora with Yum

    I followed the procedure at http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/YumUpgradeFaq so the point of this is just to go over my experience with these steps. Review and remove all .rpmsave and .rpmnew files before and after upgrading I basically did a locate, found them and deleted them. for a in $(find /etc /var -name ‘*.rpm?*’); do b=${a%.rpm?*}; diff -u […]

  • Fedora 8 yum upgrade success

    Well, at least it worked pretty well on my future PVR. I will give a more detailed explanation/directions of my experience for others who may be wondering if this is really as scary as it sounds since it’s “unsupported”. However, my main Linux computer is much, much more complex in the number of packages installed. […]