Mario Yum Live Upgrade to Fedora 8 complete

I had to uninstall a few more multimedia packages, but it eventually upgraded. After rebooting I arrived at GDM just fine – yay! I’m not sure if it’s just me, but the bootup time on Fedora 8 seems to a A LOT faster than it was in Fedora 7. I feel like I got to GDM a lot faster.

Compiz is working and so is dual screen – so far this live upgrade has been better than any of my DVD/CD upgrades. Due to either updates in Compiz or in Gnome or in Fedora’s changes to Gnome, I finally have something I’ve wanted since Fedora Core 6 – on the desktop switcher, when using Compiz, it would not show the dividers between the desktops. Now it does show the dividers, making for a better experience. It’s easier to click on the exact desktop I want. Then again, at least on this first boot, I seem to be missing the top-most bar on my program – where the max, min and close program button are. Not surprisingly, there are no updates to install.

Well, I have some programs to reinstall. I’ll let you know if there are any problems in the end. Also, I finally understand why the upgrade kept hanging before. Because of the conflicts between Freshrpms and Livna, it was unable to resolve the dependencies. Back if there’s anything worth reporting later.

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  1. These programs did not have Fedora 8 replacements, but everything I did before still works (as of now) so perhaps they are unnecessary.


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