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  • Happy 10th Birthday WordPress!

    Happy 10 years of the software that allowed me to free myself of the shackles of other corporations and take blogging into my own hands.  I started this blog almost around the same time as WordPress (WP was only 1.5 years old) Here’s to another ten years! And, here’s my version of what Dougal suggested: […]

  • Technology Roundup

    A 1 May Ars article and 30 April Wired article mention that a UK company known as Gamma International is selling spyware that pretends to be Mozilla Firefox. Both articles mention that repressive governments have used it to spy on dissidents, but it’s unclear from the article whether the company purposely sells to evil governments […]

  • Changing Themes After 4 Years

    One day last week I was a little bored at lunchtime so I started clicking on the WordPress Dashboard links to different developer blogs.  Turns out WordPress 3.6 is coming out soon and it’s going to focus on bringing post formats to the fore and creating a consistent way of handling them within the database. […]