Happy 10th Birthday WordPress!

Happy 10 years of the software that allowed me to free myself of the shackles of other corporations and take blogging into my own hands.  I started this blog almost around the same time as WordPress (WP was only 1.5 years old) Here’s to another ten years! And, here’s my version of what Dougal suggested:

When I first started using WordPress in 2005:

  • I was in my 20s
  • I was in college
  • I was running the blog on Fedora Core
  • I was engaged
  • I was using Facebook heavily as it was still highly focused on college students
  • I’d never been to any country outside the USA other than Canada
  • President George W Bush was in his second term
  • The USA was at war with Iraq and Afghanistan

Now, when WordPress turns 10 in 2013:

  • I am in my 30s
  • I am working
  • I am running the blog on CentOS
  • I am married and have a daughter
  • I barely use Facebook
  • I have been to a few more countries
  • President Barack Obama is in his second term
  • The USA is at war with Iraq and Afghanistan

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