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  • Swimming 2022

    Swimming 2022

    About a decade after someone first suggested that I should join US Masters Swimming, I finally did. Originally it was because a local swim team required swimmers to be USMS members. I didn’t end up joining the team because the pool plus team fees were a bit more than I wanted to spend. But, since […]

  • Carol Chidester Series Swim Meets #4 and #5 (Jan and Feb 2023)

    Carol Chidester Series Swim Meets #4 and #5 (Jan and Feb 2023)

    Meet No4 (Jan 2023) This meet was at the Arundel Olympic Center. It was my first time there, and what a beautiful venue for a swim meet! Unlike the other pools in the Carol Chidester series it has 6 or more lanes available for warmup and cooldown while the meet is running. This is due […]

  • Dec 2022 Swim Meet

    Dec 2022 Swim Meet

    On Dec 10 2022 I participated in my second swim meet of this year and also my second swim meet as an adult. It was the same day in which I did the Bigfoot Endurance Trail run and rolled my ankle during the run. It wasn’t causing me any issues during my swim or walking […]

  • My First USMS Swim Meet (Oct 2022)

    My First USMS Swim Meet (Oct 2022)

    On 15 October this year I competed at my first swim meet since high school, some 20ish years ago. Although I’d had various folks encourage me to join US Masters Swimming for almost as long, I’d always found a reason to put it off. Sometime in August or September I decided I wanted to do […]

  • Who is in Control? The Fitness Tracker or You?

    If there’s one thing I always try and do, it’s to see things from the perspective of others. It doesn’t have to mean that I’ll agree with the person or even think they’re also in the right. But sometimes I come across someone who sees things so differently that I can’t quite comprehend how they […]

  • Garmin Swim

    For my birthday, my mother got me a Garmin Swim watch. The watch uses an accelerameter and gyroscope to figure out how many laps I’m swimming and what strokes I’m swimming. It’s not perfect, but it works well enough that it was able to allow me to focus on my strokes instead of counting intervals […]

  • The Song Stuck in my Head while Swimming Today

    Today while swimming it was “Jesus Loves the Little Children” stuck in my head. I haven’t thought about that song since about a year ago when I was comparing with someone from another denomination to see if they sang the same songs in Sunday School. Definitely a weird one to have in the noggin while […]

  • Blurred Swims

    When I’m swimming I’m usually just repeating numbers over and over in my head so I don’t forget what lap I’m on – especially important on days when I’m doing 80 laps. Many times I end up saying the numbers along the beat/melody of a song. Today it was Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines. “21 21 […]