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  • XCOM, Steam, and Linux

    One of the great things about Steam and the internet is the cloud save. It means that you can go from computer to computer and, as long as it’s connected to the Internet, you can pick up your game where you left off. In my case, I have a Windows computer and a Linux computer […]

  • GOG vs Valve: Why competition is good

    GOG vs Valve: Why competition is good

    I still love the innovation coming out of Valve (like their VR and controller work), but today I listened to the Beastcast Episode 2 and saw that Steam is implementing game refunds. This is something GOG has offered for quite some time now. It appears that GOG is starting to eat Valve’s lunch as it’s […]

  • Year of the Linux Desktop? For Real this time!

    I still really love using Linux, but I don’t follow the Linux press like I used to. I’ve settled into a comfortable zone where I only follow Fedora and KDE news since that’s what I use. But I followed it very closely for nearly 10 years. Every year there’d be multiple articles asking whether this […]

  • December 2012 Games Report

    Saint’s Row the Third (14 hrs):  I got a lot of video games for my birthday and Christmas (mostly on Steam).  So I wanted to finish up the last narrative game I had started before playing those games.  I played a few missions in Saint’s Row The Third.  As I had surmised before, the loose […]

  • The Easiest Server Setups: ownCloud, Team Fortress 2, and Piwigo

    I first heard about virtual machines about six to seven years ago.  I couldn’t see a point in wanting to run another computer inside your computer.  A few years ago I used VMs to test and blog about Linux distros.  In the past year I’ve used it to preview new features in Fedora while the […]

  • An Open Plea for Sanity to Amazon and Valve

    Dear Amazon and Valve, I write this to you because you are the largest and most powerful companies in your ecosystems.  The digital world has become ridiculous and you need to be leaders in rectifying the situation.  Let’s start with Amazon.  The two biggest digital things you sell are books and music.  Back in the […]

  • Greed Corp

    This game that’s been capturing nearly all my free time in February was an impulse buy.  At $10 I might have passed it up, but in a midweek sale it was $5 and I decided it looked interesting enough to pick up.  This is a great example of what I spoke about here with respect […]

  • The NeoEconomy

    There’s a new system of exchange of goods and services that threatens to rock the economic system and it’s not some new form of derivatives. Digital goods and services are growing larger and larger, but economics has not yet caught up. This is scary because more and more of our economy is based upon digital […]

  • The End of Braid Part 1 of ?

    warning:  The following contains many spoilers about Braid.  I, personally, feel that your enjoyment of the game will be greatly reduced by reading this ahead of time.  You have been warned! I finished Braid last night.  I did cheat a little.  Of the 60 possible puzzle pieces, I used a walkthrough to get about 10 […]

  • First Look Review: Braid

    That a game like Braid can exist is a statement on where video games are as an art form with a well-established history and canon.  To make a parallel in the paint world:  without a long canon of traditional paintings of tables with fruit and bread, people wouldn’t have really understood the “parody” or “remix” […]

  • Valve To Release Steam on Linux?

    I heard this on The Linux Outlaws Episode 42 and I thought it was a pretty awesome idea.  Up until now Valve has been pretty hostile towards people asking them to release onto Linux, even threatening to ban anyone who brought it up in the forums.  Apparently someone has convinced them of the merits because […]