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  • Top 200 Photos: #124

    An interesting self portrait in today Top 200 Photo. photo #124 is: One of my favorite things about photography is how it can allow us to see what is impossible to see with the naked eye. Nowadays I tend to do that by freezing action or doing macro photography. Back in the early 2000s I…

  • I can’t believe it’s almost over!

    I’m writing this post two days before my 365 project ends.  It will be published morning upon which I will take my last photo.  I decided to end it with an eight-part story.  You can start here and follow the photos in the set “The Dark Assignment” which should be open on the right.  (Better than…

  • 365 Project Update

    Due to missing some photos on the weekend or extremely busy weeks, I’ve now completed 155 days as of the time this is being written.  Here are some of my favorite photos since my last update in August. To see the entire project, visit my 365 Set on flickr.