I can’t believe it’s almost over!

I’m writing this post two days before my 365 project ends.  It will be published morning upon which I will take my last photo.  I decided to end it with an eight-part story.  You can start here and follow the photos in the set “The Dark Assignment” which should be open on the right.  (Better than going directly to the set where you might end up seeing the end instead of following along) I’m not going to post my 365 retrospective now, that will come after I’m completely done.  But I haven’t blogged about my 365 project since last October.  So I wanted to share some of my favorite photos since then.

Day One Hundred Fifty-Six:  Sometimes you Just Roll the Dice

Day One Hundred Sixty-Three:  His Fender Stratocaster

Day One Hundred Eighty-Two:  Into the Depths

Day One Hundred Ninety-Two:  Really?  That's the problem?  You've gotta be kidding me!

Day Two Hundred Twenty-Three:  Because They Were There

Day Two Hundred Thirty-Three:  Deep Stare

Day Two Hundred Forty-Four:  A REAL Tea Party

Day Two Hundred Fifty-One:  At Brooklyn Bridge Park

Day Two Hundred Sixty-Four:  The Last Supper

Day Two Hundred Seventy-One:  I've Covered Wars, you know!

Day Two Hundred Seventy-Seven:  More Mesas and More Balls

Day Two Hundred Eighty:  Inspiration from Deep Meditation

Day Two Hundred Ninety-Six:  It Was Tired Of Being Pushed Around

Day Three Hundred Thirty:  Only 35 Days Left!

Day Three Hundred Forty-Nine:  Ready for Interstellar Travel

Day Three Hundred Fifty-Two:  Now What?