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  • 2013 Video Games Report and Game of the Year

    Civilization V (48.5 hrs): As is usually the case, spent a ton of time with Civilization this year. Played about 3.5 hours less than last year, but had way more fun by playing with Dan and Dave. Things have gone a little slower recently because we’ve all been away for the holidays, but I actually […]

  • May 2013 Video Games Report

    During the month of May I continued to try and completed story-based games in my library. Quantum Conundrum (3 hrs) – I started playing the game early this year. I really, really enjoy this game, but the imprecision of the moves really bugs me. I’ve been playing it with a keyboard and mouse, does anyone […]

  • January & February 2013 Video Game Report

    Saint’s Row: The Third (15 hrs) – I played a lot of fun missions, including Deckers.die, but in order to get there I had to get Dan’s help on this helicopter escort mission.  It was fun having him join in.  I might need him in March as I finish up the game.   Quantum Conundrum […]