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  • Software I used for Programming in 2021

    Overall, there was a continuation of trends from last year with just a few changes. Python Pycharm PyCharm has continued to be my IDE of choice for Python programming. The devs haven’t been resting on their laurels, either. Recently they added some extra features to support FastAPI. And they also added some features that I […]

  • PyCharm 1 week Update

    I’ve been using PyCharm for about a week now across a couple projects. I’d like to note a few things I’m really enjoying: PyCharm is aware of your venv config and you can use it to pip install new packages. Ok, so pip is easy to use for installing. But it also provides a quick […]

  • Hey, Pycharm, hey.

    Hey, Pycharm, hey.

    Back in September I wrote about moving to KDevelop for my larger Python projects and also staying with Kate for my smaller projects. I’ve REALLY been enjoying all the features as I work on more and more complex packages involving lots of files. But for a few episodes of Python Bytes now (and/or maybe Talk […]