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  • Taking Photos at Big Parties

    If you have a huge party like someone’s 60th or a graduation party that you want to take photos at, there are basically three things to remember whether you’re doing it for money or just to document a special time for the family and friends. If You Can, Get Photos of the Preparations/Empty Venue Once […]

  • Daniel’s Tiki Party 2010

    Last year was Dina’s graduation Tiki Party.  This year it was Daniel’s turn.  We arrived the night before (no hospital visits this time) and so we had plenty of time to help cook and set up. The party seemed a lot less crowded, but I’m not sure if that’s due to setup (all the tables […]

  • My Grandfather’s 70th Birthday Party

    After our mini-vacation to Naples, we went to Hialeah, Fl for my grandfather’s 70th birthday party.  I wrote in May about wanting to capture photos of my grandfather at his birthday party.  I was definitely able to do that. We got to the party way before my grandfather (it was a surprise party) so we […]

  • Dina’s Tiki Party 2009

    Last weekend I went to a graduation party Dina and Daniel organized to celebrate Dina, Ho, and Lauren’s graduation this year.  It was a great BBQ event and I had a lot of fun.  I only knew about 1/10th of all the people there, so I kept entertained mainly by ecording the events of the […]