Daniel’s Tiki Party 2010

The Tiki Bars

Last year was Dina’s graduation Tiki Party.  This year it was Daniel’s turn.  We arrived the night before (no hospital visits this time) and so we had plenty of time to help cook and set up.

The Legend of the Party
Dina's interpretation of how the party would go

Danielle, Dina, and Daniel

The party seemed a lot less crowded, but I’m not sure if that’s due to setup (all the tables were off to the side), people coming and going in waves (there wasn’t really anyone who was there from beginning to end other than those who lived there), or just less people being invited.  It was also a lot less sprawling, being limited to Dan’s back area instead of spilling over to their neighbor’s area.  I also happened to shoot a lot fewer photos this time.  This pretty much came from me knowing a lot more people this time around.  I spent more time talking to people than taking photos of strangers.

Yo, This Party Got Crazy!

Mai Attempts to Weakly Strangle Herself?

Bud Light Commercial

Early Guests get Leid by Daniel

Daniel Teaches the Forbidden Dance
Dan teaches the girls how to do The Lambada

Dina Quickly Mixing Drinks

I ended up having much more fun as a result, even though it left me with less photographic memories.