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  • Another Reason Why People Illicitly Download TV Shows

    My father-in-law is over today and he’s been dying to watch the Bizarre Foods Paris episode.  I’m opposed to buying video media off of iTunes because of the digital restrictions management (DRM).  But, he’s been wanting to watch that episode forever and we no longer have cable so I can’t record it onto MythTV.  We…

  • Taking another look at Songbird

    It’s been a really long time since I last looked at Songbird. In fact, according to my blog, the last time I checked it out was version 0.2 back in October of 2006. The UI certainly has a bit more polish. I submitted some bug reports on their Bugzilla about Metadata problems with WMAs and…

  • A Novel iTunes Exploit

    Brought to us by Randal Monroe of xkcd: Also, you much check this one out both for its mention of Python and the Asus EEE PC.