Another Reason Why People Illicitly Download TV Shows

My father-in-law is over today and he’s been dying to watch the Bizarre Foods Paris episode.  I’m opposed to buying video media off of iTunes because of the digital restrictions management (DRM).  But, he’s been wanting to watch that episode forever and we no longer have cable so I can’t record it onto MythTV.  We bought it off of iTunes and then tried to watch it in iTunes.  It was skipping and stuttering worse than a Youtube video.  It was reminding me of the old dialup days when the buffer would keep running out.  Any TV show I have ever downloaded for free off the net has not had this problem – it has played flawlessly – even if it was an HD recording.  So why should I pay $2 for a stuttering video when I could get it for free and have HD quality??  And I’m not the only one – I searched the web and  3 million pages came up on this issue.  The solution was to play it in Quicktime, outside of iTunes.  This is ridiculous – pay content should NEVER be worse quality than free content if you want people to pay.  That is, after all, how the free market works.