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  • Review: Nova Linux 1.1.2

    I recently heard that Cuba had created their own Linux distribution, Nova.  Like many other countries with a rocky relationship with the USA (Russia, China, Iran), Cuba is wary of running their entire computer infrastructure on software developed in the USA.  As someone of Cuban ancestry, this development piqued my interested and I decided to […]

  • Blasted!

    I had done a second review of Gentoo 2008.0.  People suggested I do a completely commandline install and I did.  But my blog post got corrupted and I’m not typing that up again.  My Gentoo install was unsuccessful anyway.  So I fared no better with the commandline than with the GUI install.  I’ll give it […]

  • Review: Sabayon 3.5 Pod

    Since both Gentoo and Sabayon were included on this Linux Format DVD, I decided I would first try and install Gentoo and then Sabayon and compare how easy the installations were since Sabayon is a derivative distro from Gentoo.  As you know, I was unable to get a working installation from the LiveCD of Gentoo. […]

  • Review: Gentoo 2008.0 and beyond Part 1

    Another distro in the seven distros included in Linux Format Magazine issue #110 is Gentoo 2008.0.  This is an interesting release given the recent news that, at least for the time being, Gentoo is not going to be releasing these discs anymore.  Apparently for both of the last two years there has been a lot […]