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  • KDE 4 Second Time Around

    I’ve been spending time in KDE on the weekends since I usually don’t need to update my podcasts (which I manage in Rythmbox) and here are my current impressions.  Now that the latest nVidia drivers have come out, I was able to enable the desktop composite effects in KDE.  This does not use Compiz, but […]

  • Fedora 9 Review (also Gnome in Fedora 9 Part 2)

    So I waited until about halfway through Fedora 9’s initial life-cycle to install it.  I listed the reasons for that here.  Once KDE 4.1 was finally out and most of the complaints had stopped, I took the plunge.  I am actually very happy with Fedora 9.  I think most of the reviews you may have […]

  • Gnome in Fedora 9 Part 1

    First of all, I guess we got all jealous of Ubuntu because we have a startup sound now. There goes signing in with the speakers on late at night or early in the morning. Second, I apparently no longer have any functionality in Gnome. There are no panels, I can’t right-click the background. I can […]

  • Yum Upgrading to Fedora 9

    Ok, I noticed that most complaints on the Fedora mailing list seemed to have been solved and it has bene a few months since Fedora 9 came out. So I figure that it’s time to finally upgrade. Also, my biggest problems appear to have been resolved. Although X.org is still in beta, nvidia has released […]

  • Why I’m Still Waiting to Upgrade to Fedora 9

    I’m not 100% sure, but I think this is the longest I’ve purposely waited to upgrade to another Fedora release. I’ve been reading the Fedora user and developer mailling lists and what’s I’ve seen there has pretty much convinced me not to upgrade. First of all, there are a lot of answers to people complaining […]

  • Foresight Linux Review

    Foresight Linux was supplied on the most recent Linux Format Magazine disc. Unfortunately, the distro doesn’t run in LiveCD mode (or at least such an ISO was not provided) so I decided to try it out in Virtualbox, which I have heard so much about. It appears to be equivalent to VMWare while also being […]

  • Twitter-like Post

    A few quickies. 1) I fixed up a bunch of my links.  Some of them led to websites that no longer existed, one domain had been bought by a pr0n website.  So all my links should go to where they’re supposed to now. 2) I haven’t updated to Feodra 9 yet because I keep hearing that Fedora really jumped the gun on this release and there’s still a ton of stuff broken.  Since I use Fedora as my main daily computer, I can’t really sit there wasting time debugging it – especially since I’ve got a few animations that I’m working on.  I’ll move it it when it gets a bit more stable.  I’m thinking of maybe moving to another distro in the future.  Perhaps Mandriva….we’ll see.

  • Fedora 9 – Sulfur Released

    If all goes well, then as this post appears at 1000, Sulfur will be released to the mirrors and available for download!  Enjoy!  If you download from scratch, be sure to use bit torrent so you can share the bandwidth.

  • Fedora Pre-Upgrade: Finally!

    As many of you know, according to the Google search terms that bring people here.  I am of the not-so-humble opinion that Fedora’s upgrade process is about as pleasant as being forced to walk through the desert without a canteen of water.  First of all, they recommend to just do a fresh install which is […]

  • New Distro Releases Coming up THIS MONTH!

    Two major Linux distributions will be making releases this month and since I use both of them, I’m pretty excited!  First up will be the Debian-derived Ubuntu. This distro has been the darling of users and Internet media alike for the past few years.  It stole the post from Mandriva, the previous Linux distro that […]