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  • Fedora and Dell Inspiron 17

    I recently had to reinstall an OS on the wife’s Dell Inspiron 17. I was unable to complete an install for Fedora 22, but Fedora 21 and Fedora 23 beta were able to install. It would always freeze mid-install – usually around 70 or 80%. From what I could gleam on the net, it has […]

  • Upgrading SuperMario to Fedora 21

    The latest curl works with XBMC (now Kodi) so it’s time to upgrade my main Fedora computer. fedup –network 21 –product=nonproduct So that started running at 1427. The d/l finishes at 1500, but as usual some stuff to take care of. Mostly packages left over from previous versions of Fedora. WARNING: problems were encountered during […]

  • Upgrading Kuribo

    Upgraded my netbook, Kuribo, to Fedora 21. fedup –network 21 –product=nonproduct Went off without a hitch. Like the new login theme. Waiting to make sure the curl in F21 works with Kodi (formerly XBMC) since the current newest version in 20 doesn’t work.

  • Fedora 21 Beta KDE Spin Part 1

    Booted it up in Virt-manager (which finally has bridging!) I love the new theme! But, sadly, it logs into KDE4, not KDE5. Perhaps 5 isn’t ready for primetime? What I find baffling, given that this is running in a VM is that it loads FASTER to the desktop than the computer it’s running on. I […]

  • Where Fedora Innovates

    Back when I was actively reviewing Linux distros and still learning all about Linux, it was in vogue to say that any distro was as good as the next. They all had the same GUIs and programs. The only difference was which package manager you preferred. Distributions started off, in fact, as a way to […]

  • Fedora 21 Beta Released!

    Fedora 21 Beta Released! I’m torrenting the ISO now to check out KDE 5.