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  • Migrating Tomboy to 64bit and Debian 5 Wifi Installation FAIL

    I recently finally moved over to my 64bit computer. I’ve been using Fedora 10 64-bit for at least two weeks now. I was having a lot of trouble with migrating my Tomboy data over from the 32-bit install. It wouldn’t start up and the error message was not as helpful as it could have been. […]

  • Super Mini Review: Fedora 10 64-bit

    My wife said since she isn’t using the Linux computer I built for her, that I could use it.  It has a Intel Core 2 Duo Dual Core chip, so I was pretty excited to try out 64-bit computing to see if there would be any problems.  I installed Fedora 10 since I’m used to […]

  • Review: Fedora 10

    This month’s Linux Format Magazine includes Fedora 10.  I upgraded to Fedora 10 a few months ago via a yum upgrade.  I started by looking at Xfce as I’ve been using Xfce non-stop ever since starting “I’m Not Mad” in November.  Xfce is much lighter than Gnome and I’m able to use Blender more effectively.  […]

  • Upgrading to Fedora 10

    Now that I have “I’m Not Mad” caught up for the next month, I thought it was an OK time to upgrade to Fedora 10.  Unlike with the Fedora 9 release, there haven’t been huge complaints of the upgrade causing the system to become unusable.  (Most, though not all, of that came from the version […]

  • Fedora 10 Launches!

    Linux Format Magazine already has a review. And here’s the release announcement: DATELINE: 2008-11-25 KEY FINGERPRINT: 61A8 ABE0 91FF 9FBB F4B0 7709 BF22 6FCC 4EBF C273 LOCATION: GEOSYNC ORBIT, FEDORA SPACE STATION VIA GLOBAL IRC NETWORK BROADCASTING: FREEDOM FRIENDS FEATURES FIRST (Cue J. Strauss’ “Blue Danube.”) THIS IS FEDORA SPACE OPERATIONS ANNOUNCING with great pleasure […]