Migrating Tomboy to 64bit and Debian 5 Wifi Installation FAIL

I recently finally moved over to my 64bit computer. I’ve been using Fedora 10 64-bit for at least two weeks now. I was having a lot of trouble with migrating my Tomboy data over from the 32-bit install. It wouldn’t start up and the error message was not as helpful as it could have been. Eventually I dug around and found out I had to delete all the addin* files/folders in my .tomboy folder. After that everything worked fine.

I also took my old computer and installed Debian 5 (Lenny) onto it so it could be the guest computer. While doing the graphical install, I wanted to connect it via the wireless connection. Unfortunately, it only would connect with WEP security during the installation. That was a no-go for me since I have WPA on my router. I got worried that I wouldn’t be able to connect to the internet wirelessly with Debian 5. But once I had the whole distro installed, I was able to connect using WPA. (WPA2, to be specific) So, a bit of a fail there for Debian. They are able to connect to a WPA network, but not during an install. I guess this might be understandable if the WPA code is massive, but no self-respecting geek (the kind who would be installing Debian rather than, say, Ubuntu) would only have WEP on his or her router. Hopefully that gets fixed by Debian 5.1 or Debian 6 at the latest.

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