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  • Reaping the Rewards of Creative Commons

    Once again I’ve had one of my photos published by an outside source.  I always had an image used by WNYC, which you may remember.    This time it was the above photo in a blog post about Social Enterprenuership in Minnesota.  As I said before, if the most important thing to you is getting…

  • Creative Commons

    First my amaturish Creative Commons video: The Creative Commons from djotaku on Vimeo. Now, this awesome one I saw on Lawrence Lessig’s Blog:

  • Code Monkey

    This song is awesome and, best of all, it’s been released under a Creative Commons license, so I can share it with you all without fear of the RIAA breathing down my neck! I first heard Code Monkey on a recent episode of Linux Outlaws. It’s a song about a code monkey who is having…