Code Monkey

This song is awesome and, best of all, it’s been released under a Creative Commons license, so I can share it with you all without fear of the RIAA breathing down my neck!

I first heard Code Monkey on a recent episode of Linux Outlaws. It’s a song about a code monkey who is having a hard time with his boss and with unrequited office love. It’s a tale any code monkeys will find familiar. You can either download it at this post or, if that takes too long, off of Jonathan Coulton’s blog. His page says he came out with a new song a year for a whole year, so check that out. There may be some other really awesome ones.

I’m sure that if you’re a programmer or into geek culture that this will be on your playlist for a long time. It’ll probably be my top scrobbled song this year.

And here’s the neatest part, if you still haven’t downloaded it yet – Jonathan Coulton is the guy who came up with the “Still Alive” song from Portal!!! That song rocks!