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  • CentOS 7 works on Acer Aspire One D255E

    Often people try and dissuade you from installing CentOS onto a laptop because they say the chipsets on the laptops are so varied it’s likely you will end up unable to use your laptop because the drivers aren’t there. Well, I don’t know if it’s because this netbook is so old (I mean, netbooks as […]

  • LXC Project Part 3: Starting and logging into my first container

    Continuing my LXC project, let’s list the installed containers: lxc-ls That just shows the name of the container – lemmy. For completion’s sake, I’m going to start it as a daemon in the background rather than being sent straight into the console: lxc-start -n lemmy -d As per usual Linux SOP, it produced no output. […]

  • LXC Project Part 2: Setting up LXC

    LXC Project Part 2: Setting up LXC

    I’m continuing on from yesterday’s post to get the VM ready to host LXC. I’m starting with Centos 7 so the first thing I had to do was enable the epel repos: yum install epel-release Then, according to the guide I was following, I had to also install these package: yum install debootstrap perl libvirt […]

  • LXC Project Part 1: Bridging the Connection

    LXC Project Part 1: Bridging the Connection

    As I mentioned before, I’m looking at Linux Containers (LXC) to have a higher density virtualization. To get ready for that, I had to create a network bridge to allow the containers to be accessible on the network. First I installed bridge-utils: yum install bridge-utils -y After that, I had to create the network script: […]

  • Does CentOS 7 Make a good Desktop distro?

    People often recommend using CentOS for your desktop machine if you find Fedora’s pace to be too fast. Does this even make sense? I decided to explore the idea of CentOS 7 as a desktop computer using my wife’s requirements as the benchmark. Why? Because my wife likes long term support distros. What’s more long […]