LXC Project Part 3: Starting and logging into my first container

Continuing my LXC project, let’s list the installed containers:


That just shows the name of the container – lemmy. For completion’s sake, I’m going to start it as a daemon in the background rather than being sent straight into the console:

lxc-start -n lemmy -d

As per usual Linux SOP, it produced no output. Now to jump in:

lxc-console -n lemmy

That told me I was connected to tty1, but did not present a login. Quitting out via Ctrl-a q let me go back to the VM’s tty, but trying again did not get me login. There’s some weird issue that doesn’t allow it to work, however, this did:

lxc-attach -n lemmy

I’m not 100% sure why it works and console doesn’t, but there seems to be discussion about systemd causing issues. At any rate, the only limitation of lxc-attach is that the user doing it has to also exist on the container. However, given that these are server boxes, root is fine and so it works.

Unfortunately, networking does not work. That’ll be for next time.